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The Teno Boat

The Teno river boat is long and slim. The outer design is elegant and the boat moves on the water's surface lightly as a feather. The current model has been developed over the decades into a boat specialized in salmon fishing. It is the local craftsmen's demonstration of skill that meets everyday needs. The Teno boat is about 5.7 meters long and 1.1 meters wide. The boats are still manufactured as unique pieces of work according to the wishes and needs of the customer. A speciality of the boat are the small "wings" at its rear, that were developed in the 70s after the boat's main purpose changed to salmon fishing and outboard engines came to wider use. These wings help to stabilize the boat, especially when driving with the motor. The material of the boats is still the northern pine, although the base is nowadays often made of plywood, which makes the boat easier to row and prolongs its age.

The boats' standard equipment includes a rowing platform, the customer's seat, a lifting hook, oars, a wooden rod for poleing, a bailer and a billet for killing the fish once it's on the boat. Some boats also feature racks for fishing rods.
Rental Prices:
Boat 25 € / day
Boat + engine 50 € / day (includes about 5 litres of fuel)
The prices include VAT.
Reservations: phone +358 405 591 54 2

Outboard Engines
The outboard engines best for Teno are between 4-10 hp.
Our company rents 6 hp motors, that work well in any weather.
They have enough power for flood time and, thanks to their lightness, are ideal also for low water time. As a new innovation our company offers its clients enviromentally friendly four stroke engines. They are almost noiseless and use very little fuel.